Léane has a great profile. She is 16, hardworking, studious, athletic, and hails from the Eastern reaches of France. She comes from a family of six, and describes herself as sporty, sociable, and ambitious.

She works very hard on her school work–so hard that sometimes friends and family say she might need to work on it a little less. She’s also crazy about track and field. She tried out surfing, and liked it but, she says, she was pretty tired.

Léane is eager to be a part of a lifestyle different than her own, and she’s fascinated by American language and culture. She’s very much eager to discover our local food, buildings, towns and cities.

If you think you or someone you know might enjoy the benefits of hosting Léane this summer, and would like to view her entire profile to get to know more about her, please call me at 336-254-7812 or email me at terredeslanguesnc@gmail.com. You can also DM me on Twitter or Instagram. TW: @terredeslangues and IG: @terredeslanguesnc. The students in Léane’s group will be staying from June 15th through July 15th. They bring their own spending money and are fully insured. There are no costs to a host family other than sharing meals at the table.


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