One of the best resources available in Greensboro rests within the downtown Global Opportunities Center. The GOC brings together students from Greensboro’s bustling intellectual campuses. Located at HQ Greensboro, in the up and coming South Elm area, it’s a hub of entrepreneurship and education–one we’re lucky to have.

cultural resources in the piedmont triad

It’s a great place to take your high school student. Expose them early, and let them grow their relationships within this welcoming center. In its aim to prepare and include our students in global affairs, this center exemplifies a unique effort to improve Greensboro, both economically and culturally.



There’s also Duke University’s summer sessions, which allow high school students to receive academic credits in their Global Citizens enterprise.

A top-tier program, it’s well worth applying. Of course, global understanding doesn’t have to come through the GOC or Duke’s summer programs.



There reside countless opportunities in the Piedmont Triad to nurture the value of international cuisine, like visiting one of my favorite restaurants in Greensboro: the Carnicería El Mercadito. Yum! (REAL Mexican food!) It’s also an opportunity to momentarily immerse yourself in the Spanish language, and immersion is the surest way to becoming fluent.

Exposing a student to Churros, real Gorditas, or Tres Leches, is a valuable lesson in itself! And it’s affordable, too.

Any of the three will add to your student’s global knowledge, but choice number three may just be the tastiest.



Cultural Connections for Piedmont Triad High School Students

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